What are the benefits of an automatic in-ground sprinkler system?

Automatic sprinkler systems are able to disperse water more evenly over a predetermined area and use less water because they water your lawn at regular intervals.

What kind of maintenance do irrigation systems require?

All irrigation systems need to be winterizes in the winter and require opening services in the spring.

Can I save money by installing an irrigation system myself?

No, only a professional irrigation specialist can install and design the most cost-effective and energy-efficient irrigation system for your needs.

When should I water?

You should only water when your lawn and plants look like they are in need of water. If you water too often, you will waste water and promote fungus growth that can damage your lawn or garden.

Do you offer irrigation systems that work on hilly terrain?

R and L Irrigation Services offers irrigations systems and services for all types of terrain.


What is the difference between maintenance packages for irrigated and non-irrigated lawns?

Non-irrigated lawns receive a minimal maintenance package with only 5 treatments per year while irrigated lawns require a premium service package with about 9 treatments per year.

Why do you use some organic lawn care products?

Traditional chemical fertilizers make their way to lakes, streams, ponds and bays where they produce an overabundance of algae and plankton. When you use organic products, you’re reducing the use of nitrates and phosphates by as much as 90%, and helping to reduce the impact of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on our environment.

Why don’t you use organic products on all lawns?

Not all lawns qualify for organic lawn care services. Certain issues can only be resolved with traditional fertilizer programs. We use fertilizer responsibly by applying it at the safest times and testing all soils to determine its needs before the application.


How much electricity does landscape lighting use?

We have systems that use as little as $1 per month.

What are the benefits of landscape lighting besides for cosmetic reasons?

Landscape lighting around your home can provide safety and security for you and your family.

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