Seeding + Sodding

The best time for seeding and laying sod is either late summer into early fall. However, we can seed and sod all year with some restrictions. All sod used by R & L Irrigation is Delaware State Certified. The seed that the sod is grown from is the same seed that is used to seed our lawns. It is a custom blend unique to R & L Irrigation that is designed specifically to thrive in the climate of the Delmarva Peninsula. Our sod and seed are a super dark green grass that is slow growing.

Site Work: R & L Irrigation is equipped to perform all prep work for a site that will be seeded or sodded. We can perform any site work, cleanup or grading that might be required.

New Seeding: This involves seeding a brand new lawn from scratch. This could be due to new construction or putting in a new type of grass.

Over Seeding: This process helps minimize spots within a lawn. By over-seeding, you can keep the genetics of your lawn strong and healthy to avoid disease.

Spot Seeding: Spot seeding is necessary for small diseased or brown spots on your lawn. This could be from dogs, landscape work, tree removal or various other causes.